One Year of Centralia 

Yesterday marked a year ago that we released our debut album Centralia. It remains a huge milestone for the band and the release of the EP made it possible for the monumental year that we've had. We are profoundly thankful for our Framers who bought or streamed the album and have come to our shows. What's your favorite song off the EP?

Unfortunate Hinder Show Update 

Good afternoon, Framers. 


It is our displeasure to report that we will NOT be opening for Hinder tomorrow night as scheduled due to circumstances beyond our control. This news comes as a shock to us and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. We hope to see you Framers at a show soon. 


Thank you, 


Hinder, Josh Todd & The Conflict, Adelitas Way, and THOUSAND FRAMES 

Alright, Framers! It's our pleasure to announce what is most likely our last show for the year. We are extremely excited to announce that we will be opening for Hinder, Josh Todd & The Conflict, Adelitas Way, and Wayland on November 28th at Summit Music Hall!! Help us celebrate an incredible year and get your tix today!!

Tickets can be bought HERE.

Let's rock, Framers!